Founded by Kerim Gün Tokatlıoğlu in 1979 in a rented shop in the Yeşildere district of Izmi, Orçelik has always given great importance to customer satisfaction since the day it was founded. It has continued to improve itself over the years and has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

It currently actively serves its customers in the ITOB organized industrial zone. Orçelik, which provides the highest employment in the Aegean Region, also attaches great importance to occupational safety.

Why should you work with Orçelik?

Orçelik is a company that attaches great importance to both its employees and its customers. The more our employees are satisfied with where they work, the more customer satisfaction will increase. Since we adopt this view, we provide training to our employees so that they can constantly improve themselves and understand and respond to our customers’ needs in the most accurate way.

As Orçelik, occupational safety, which is among our quality policies, is a very important issue for us. In accordance with the relevant law, occupational safety rules are implemented at the highest level in our company. Because working in an area where our employees feel safe means that our customers have the conditions to best meet their needs.

What are the advantages of working with Orçelik?

Why should you choose us as a company that produces furniture in many areas you will need? What are the advantages of working with Orçelik? We would like to present it to you.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,
Having 44 years of experience in the sector,
To be a company that constantly improves and renews itself,
To understand and fulfill our customers’ requests in the best possible way,
To produce with special designs for you,
Providing functional solutions,
Providing solutions for you to make the most of narrow spaces,
To produce environmentally friendly products,
To produce products with high durability,
Keeping aesthetics and design together,
Having high production capacity,
Working with experts in their field

When you work with us, our first priority is to understand your requests in the most accurate way and to produce special solutions for you. We enable you to create differences in your spaces by producing special products for you with both aesthetics and design. With our understanding of not compromising on quality, we will help you as quickly as possible in every problem you encounter.

Customer Experiences

Our company, which has been in the sector since 1979, has had the opportunity to work with many brands. Advantages of Working with Orçelik: Customer Experiences and Satisfaction, as our company has grown and developed by constantly adding new production areas since the day it was founded.

The companies we work with that we can offer you as reference are;

  • THY Textile,
  • Tetra Pak,
  • Tarkem,
  • Schneider Electric,
  • Viessman,
  • Clover,
  • Norm Civata,
  • Graniser Ceramics,
  • PharmaPlus,
  • PFW Aviation Industry,
  • Petkim,
  • Mondi,
  • Medical Park,
  • L.M. Wind Power,
  • Crystal,
  • City Hospital,
  • İnci Holding,
  • İnci Akü,
  • Ege Profil Trade and Industry Inc.,
  • Demirören,
  • Aselsan,
  • Baktad,
  • Bakambalaj,
  • Arkas,
  • Asmaş,
  • BMC,
  • Büyükkarcı,
  • Hasan Usta Milk Desserts,
  • AKG Gazbeton,
  • Abalıoğlu

He has worked with well-known and well-known companies in the sector, such as. If you want to combine the products you need with aesthetics and design, but at the same time work with a reliable company without compromising on quality; Contact Us Now. We are proud to work with you and produce special solutions for every problem you encounter, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. We guarantee you that you will be happy to work with us because we love our job.