People are curious about the production, installation and use of steel shelving systems, which are the most preferred and most useful among shelving systems. Steel shelves, which are the most preferred shelving system in homes, offices and many other places, are popular primarily because they are durable. Instead of experiencing frequent shelf problems, shelves that are purchased at once and can be used for many years are preferred.

Production of Steel Shelves

Although steel shelves generally have standard dimensions, they can be produced to suit any request. Profile thicknesses also vary depending on the purpose of use and dimensions. Steel shelving systems with screw bolt and nut shelving systems are among the most preferred office storage furniture.

Steel shelves can be produced as thick as 2.00 mm. Depths may vary as 31, 43, 59, 75 and 93 cm. The first thing to consider when ordering steel shelves or taking measurements is the intended use of steel shelves. Their depth and thickness should be adjusted accordingly. In addition, if not very heavy documents are to be used, there is no need for very wide or very thick materials. Since this will reduce the cost, it will also be more economical to make the right decision.

Installation and Assembly of Steel Shelves

Steel shelves, which are generally produced in gray and can optionally be painted later, are obtained by cutting and bending sheets in packages or rolls with DKP feature. The issue taken into consideration here again is measurements. The intended use and the weight to be used must be specified. Thus, the legs of the shelves are made more durable in this way. These feet can also damage the floor over time. Therefore, this can be prevented by applying plastic coating to the feet later.

Use and Advantages of Steel Shelving Systems

Steel shelving systems are preferred primarily because they are durable and economical. Although the price may increase or decrease depending on the intended use, steel shelves that are durable enough to last a lifetime can be produced according to your wishes. Many of their features, such as being detachable from each other, relocatable or fixed to the wall, are also among the features determined according to the area of use. Because they are made of steel, they are more resistant to moisture, humid environments and similar external factors than other shelving systems.

Steel shelves, which can be produced with many different storey shelves such as 2-storey, 3-storey, 5-storey, also provide order to the area where they are used. In addition to being durable, it provides a tidy appearance and is frequently preferred, especially in offices and warehouses where a lot of paperwork is used. For example, in a beverage warehouse, steel shelving may be preferred to group and organize products. Likewise, it is common for cabinets to have steel shelves, especially in homes.

In summary, steel shelves, which can be used in many areas from ordinary document storage to heavy storage, can be prepared in the desired length, weight, width and color. Therefore, it is among the most preferred shelving systems because it is both durable, economical and adaptable to the environment. If desired, they can be used by fixing them to the wall, or they can be separated and combined if desired. Various precautions, such as covering their feet with plastic, can be taken to prevent them from scratching the ground due to their weight. When choosing steel shelving, it is also important that the preferred company is one of the pioneers and successful service providers in the sector. Otherwise, negative situations such as incomplete workmanship, missing raw materials or incorrect assembly may occur.