Orçelik Machine Tool Systems: The Key to Efficiency and Order

Machine tools are equipment used in workplaces, workshops and garages to store hand tools and tools, to work on them comfortably and thus to speed up and facilitate the overall work structure. Orçelik offers various machine tool systems models to meet the needs in this field. Whether triple or double, Orçelik machine tool systems adapt to the needs of your workplace and projects with different combinations and features.

The machine tool systems offered by Orçelik are designed to meet the different needs and expectations of users. These benches can be examined in three main categories; They can be classified as single, double and triple machine tools. In all three categories, there are models with different combinations of drawers, cabinets and shelves.

What are the Salient Features of Orçelik Machine Tool Systems?

The general features of Orçelik machine tool systems include the ability to store all hand tools and tools in the workplace, the ability to work on them comfortably, and the ability to speed up and facilitate work by storing hand tools in drawers. Additionally, these countertops can also be created with different combinations, meaning users can choose different combinations of drawers and cabinets to suit their needs.

Additional features such as fluorescent and triple socket system make the work area more functional and useful. These additional features allow you to illuminate your work area and use power tools comfortably.
These benches, designed with a working height of 90 cm, come in different widths and heights depending on your usage area. The benches are also carefully designed for ergonomics and ease of use. In addition, with tool panel accessories, benches can be customized according to personal needs, and some customizations are not included in the cost, while others may be priced with additional costs.

Orçelik machine tool systems stand out not only with their functionality but also with their durability. They are produced from special materials that will provide durability and reliability for many years. In addition, the customizable structure of machine tools offers customizable features according to the needs of your workplace and the way you work.

Where Can You Use Orçelik Machine Tool Systems?

Machine tool systems are used in many fields, from the automotive industry to the electronics industry, from the aviation and space industry to the manufacturing industry. Machine tool systems are used in the automotive industry during the production and assembly of vehicle parts, in the electronics industry during the assembly and production of sensitive parts and circuits, and in the aviation and space industry during the production and assembly of parts of aircraft and space vehicles. Additionally, in the general manufacturing sector, machinery manufacturing, metalworking, woodworking and many other fields, machine tools are used to make work more orderly, efficient and safe. It is possible to come across machine tool systems in all kinds of business lines, especially where sensitive and meticulous work is required, parts production, assembly, maintenance and repair operations are carried out.

Machine tool systems can be used not only in industrial activities, but also in homes and workshops. Machine tool systems can be used in a carpenter’s workshop, in a home or in a garage. These machine tool systems are used to do work faster and more efficiently, just like in industrial activities.

Among the machine tool systems models and features offered by Orçelik, there are types such as single machine tools, drawer machine tool systems and cover machine tool systems. Each model offers different advantages depending on the area of use and need. For example, single machine tool systems are an ideal option for use in small workshops or garages because they require less space. Models with drawers and doors provide more storage space and the safety of materials. Triple machine tools offer a large work surface and ample storage capacity. Different models come with various combinations of drawers, cabinets and shelves, so you can keep your tools and supplies organized and safe. Double machine tools create an effective storage and work area even in more compact spaces.

Whether in industrial activities or home workshops, Orçelik machine tools offer ideal solutions to do work faster and more efficiently and to store tools safely and orderly. A variety of models and features adapt to every need and space, so you can focus only on your projects.

Why Did They Prefer Orçelik Machine Tool Systems?

Founded in Izmir in 1979, Orçelik is a company that provides the highest employment and produces the largest production in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture sector. Continuing its production activities in its 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, Orçelik distinguishes itself from its competitors with its wide and comprehensive production capacity. The reasons behind why customers prefer Orçelik company for machine tool systems are the company’s deep-rooted history, high production capacity, long-term warranty, large storage facilities for stocked products, wide product range and well-established position in the sector. In addition, Orçelik, with its large showroom, allows customers to examine and evaluate the products closely and get detailed information about the products they will buy. Orçelik continues to be a brand that gives confidence to its customers with its strong production capacity and experience in the sector.