Orçelik Seating Benches; Professional Bench Solution for Business Life

Orçelik seating benches are designed for relaxation areas and add aesthetics and value to your spaces by prioritizing comfort and functionality. Produced using quality and durable materials, the benches are designed to be used for a long time. The materials in the structure of the benches to be used especially in the common areas of your workplaces are important in terms of strength and durability. A good bench can be used for years and will not experience problems such as deterioration, cracking or discoloration over time.

Superior Features of Orçelik Seating Benches Hidden in Details

Sitting benches, especially used in gyms and schools, offer their users not only a seating area but also a functional usage experience. For example, Orçelik’s hanging bench model, its wooden parts are made of first class impregnated pine, comes with 3 hangers as standard and is high quality electrostatic powder coated. The legs are profiled, so users can easily hang their belongings on the bench and use it functionally. There is also a shelf at the bottom of the bench and users can create a tidy space by placing their belongings and shoes here.

The usage area of the bench you choose may vary depending on the number of people, color options and functions. The solid foot parts provide balance and allow users to sit comfortably, so people who use the benches can choose comfortable and convenient options.

The backless bench model has wooden parts made of first class impregnated pine, high quality electrostatic powder coated and profiled legs. This model has a more minimal design and offers its users a simple, stylish seating area. Orçelik seating benches are products that are guaranteed with their design, comfortable seating experience and durability. The solid and profiled legs ensure the balance and stability of the bench.

Orçelik benches are generally used as resting and sitting areas. However, some models offer users functional details such as hangers or shelves where they can store their belongings and clothes. These features provide great convenience, especially in homes or workplaces where space is limited. Orçelik makes your spaces more comfortable and useful with its functional and stylish household items.

Orçelik Seating Benches; They Are Seating Solutions That Can Be Used Anywhere

Orçelik seating benches have wide usage areas. For example, Orçelik seating benches are used to create comfortable seating areas for employees in offices, in visitor waiting areas in lobbies, in shopping malls for customers to rest and wait, in parks and gardens for people to spend time in touch with nature, and to create comfortable areas for participants in conference and seminar halls. In clothing stores, it can be used to create areas where customers can leave their belongings and wait while using the trial cabins, and even in homes, to create areas such as entrances or halls where users can sit comfortably while putting on and taking off their shoes. They can also be preferred to create cozy and comfortable seating areas in hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafes, waiting rooms, airports, train stations and bus terminals. Especially models with hangers and shelves provide extra comfort for users to place their belongings regularly.

Why Did They Prefer Orçelik for Their Seating Bench Needs?

Orçelik, as a brand that has been a leader in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture industry since 1979, providing the highest employment and realizing the largest production, is more than just a manufacturer, it is a partner that adds value to its customers. That’s why, when you choose Orçelik benches in your common areas and workplaces, you get not only a product, but also assurance, quality and durability. In our 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, each product is produced for you with care and meticulousness.

As Orçelik, our wide and comprehensive production capacity and our deep-rooted position in the sector are made felt by our valued customers in every detail, every stitch and every material of our seating benches. With our large showroom, we give you the opportunity to examine and evaluate our products closely, allowing you to get detailed information about the products you will buy. Orçelik is not just a brand, but also your durable, reliable and aesthetic solution partner in your workplace. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from the superior quality and durability offered by Orçelik in your workplaces and common areas and add value to your spaces? Contact us.