Orçelik Wheeled Metal Caisson and Transport Vehicles; Your Rugged Mobile Assistant at Work

Workshops, production areas, factories and many other businesses need various equipment so that production processes can proceed efficiently and regularly. At this point, Orçelik, which has been operating in the metal and wooden office furniture industry since 1979, aims to ensure mobility and order in your workplaces with its superior durability and transport trolleys.

Features that Distinguish Orçelik Movable Metal Caissons and Transport Vehicles from Equivalent Products

Orçelik mobile metal caissons and transport vehicles are an indispensable helper for easily transporting goods and tools from one place to another in workplaces. With the solutions it offers in industrial areas, Orçelik enables fast and safe transportation of products in many areas, from the industrial sector to shopping malls. Metal caissons and overflow carts are vehicles that can be easily moved with their wheels that do not damage the ground on which they move. This simple but important feature allows staff to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Orçelik’s mobile caissons and transport vehicles are produced in different models, mainly with drawers and shelves. Drawer trolleys have features such as braked wheels, movable and silent drawers, central locking systems and a carrying capacity of up to 300 kg with equal load distribution. These features provide easy access to your materials and make your workspace more organized. In addition, the “RAL 5015 or RAL 2003” standard colors used on the drawer doors in models with drawers and the “RAL 7035” color standard on the chassis give workplaces a professional, corporate and aesthetic appearance. Apart from this, it is possible to produce in different colors.

The robustness and durability of the trolleys are ideal for long-term use, and their high load-carrying capacity allows even heavy items and tools to be transported easily. While caisson-type wheeled transport trolleys easily transport equipment and materials from one place to another, they can also be easily used to relocate products at height. Transport trolleys with drawers are used to transport tool sets and organize materials and equipment. Thanks to their drawers and covers, they are perfect products for categorizing products in the office.

Orçelik prioritizes customer satisfaction by effectively solving any problems of your transport vehicles with its two-year warranty. Whether in your workshop, factory, or workplace in the shopping mall; Orçelik transport trolleys are candidates to be your indispensable assistants in your workshops with their durable structure and user-friendly features.

Orçelik Movable Metal Caissons and Transport Vehicles Can Be Used in Many Different Areas

Orçelik wheeled metal caissons and transport vehicles have a wide range of uses. It is used effectively in many sectors. While used in industrial production areas, factories, workshops and production facilities, to transport materials, tools and products; In the healthcare industry, they play an important role in transporting medical supplies, medications and other equipment in places such as hospitals and laboratories. In the retail industry, they ensure the transportation of products from warehouses to sales areas in stores and shopping malls.

It is used in the education sector to transport educational materials and books in schools and universities. In the hotel industry, they are effective in transporting cleaning materials, food and beverage products in hotels. In addition, in the construction industry, in the transportation of materials and tools on construction sites; And in the agricultural sector, trolleys are often preferred for transporting products and materials in farms and greenhouses.
In fact, in homes and offices, trolleys are very useful for moving items from one room to another or from one building to another.

Why Did They Prefer Orçelik Movable Metal Caissons and Transport Vehicles?

Orçelik is the company that provides the highest employment and carries out the largest production in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture sector since 1979. The reasons behind why customers prefer Orçelik for moving metal caissons and trolleys are the company’s history, production capacity, wide product range and deep-rooted position in the sector. The company, which continues its production activities in its 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, of which 8,500 square meters is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the Aegean Region with its wide and comprehensive production capacity.

In addition, Orçelik, with its large showroom, allows customers to examine and evaluate the products closely and get detailed information about the products they will buy. Orçelik is a brand that gives confidence to its customers with its sector experience of nearly half a century and its strong production capacity that increases every year. For these reasons, our customers prefer Orçelik products in their search for durability, usability and reliability. Meet your transportation and storage needs in your workplaces with Orçelik quality and assurance. Because Orçelik produces its products to be your most important assistant in your workplace, durable and reliable, throughout their long working lives.