Institutions, organizations and businesses that want to keep their documents for a long time and access them easily when needed create archives within their units.

Systems used in archives should be capable of storing documents safely for a long time and should meet space requirements as much as possible.

While compact archiving systems provide sufficient security for documents, they also meet more space requirements thanks to their rail system. Compact archive systems are suitable for use in many areas such as law offices, judicial institutions, libraries and educational institutions.

What are the Features of Compact Archive Systems?

Archives are special areas created to store documents and folders for a long time. In these environments, documents are usually classified using a certain method and remain in this environment for a long time. When necessary, documents are extracted from the archive and access to the necessary information is provided. When classical methods are used, documents cannot be protected from the negative effects of the environment.

In compact archive systems, documents are less affected by environmental adverse effects and information can be accessed again. Storage capacity is maximized with this space-saving system. Orçelik compact archive systems are produced to standards that can be used in difficult conditions for many years.

Thanks to its rail system, it can be used in archives as well as for daily use in working environments. Thanks to its special designs, it can easily adapt to its environment.

2 mm thick sheet material was used in the rail system. While this increases its durability, rubber gaskets are used in crash positions. This provides comfortable use. In addition, thanks to these seals, documents are not affected by dust.

What to Consider When Choosing Compact Archive Systems?

When choosing a compact archive system, the materials used in the system must last for many years, additions can be made when necessary, and after-sales customer requirements must be met.

Quality materials were used in Orçelik compact archive systems. In this way, while meeting the general needs of archives, it also provides efficiency in document and file management thanks to its rail system. The fact that the system can be customized according to customer preference is among its advantages. Providing the safe sale of compact archive systems, Orçelik is also capable of meeting the additional archive system needs of customers after sales.

Where are Compact Archive Systems Used?

Compact archive systems can meet the needs of all institutions and organizations that want to archive documents securely. The system is intensive;

  • Notaries,
  • Courthouses,
  • Health units,
  • Education units,
  • State archives,
  • National libraries,
  • National palaces,
  • Private businesses that need document archiving,
  • It is used in such environments.

What is Compact Archive System?

The special system created to store and preserve private documents and belongings and to access them again when needed is called a compact archive system. It can be with or without lid according to customer preference. Depending on the medium to be used or the document density, it may be a single system or multiple systems. The aim of this system is to protect and store documents and belongings in an organized manner. In addition, it is aimed to benefit from the environment at the maximum level.

Compact Archive System Types

Orçelik, which carries out guaranteed production and sales of office supplies, also offers quality products in the production and sales of compact archive systems. A1 quality sheet metal is used in double, single, triple and quadruple compact archive products, and wood panel systems with aluminum rail systems are among the product range.

While the files can be accessed easily with the rotating and opening lock system, a secure lock system has also been created. In closed systems, files cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Prices of Compact Archive System

Orçelik compact archive systems have a wide product range. Products that meet all customers’ secure archiving needs are covered by a 2-year after-sales warranty. Prices vary depending on product options and different color options created according to customer preferences.