Ventilated lockers are among the most preferred cabinet types in recent times. People are curious about the cabinets that attract attention with their ease of use and features. For this reason, we will clarify the issues regarding what the ventilated locker produced within Orçelik is and what it does.

What is a Ventilated Locker?

Ventilated types of lockers designed to store personal belongings are called ventilated lockers. The most important feature of these cabinets is that they have ventilation and thus prevent the items placed inside from experiencing problems due to lack of air. In this way, long or short term storage operations can be carried out with peace of mind. Thanks to the easy installation process of ventilated cabinets, it is possible to use them in institutions and workplaces. They are especially used in workplaces with common areas. These cabinets come in different models and can be ordered upon request.

What is the Use of a Ventilated Locker?

Ventilated locker is useful for storing belongings. For example, people who come to a gym can change the clothes they are wearing with sports clothes and keep them in the closet during exercise. In this way, they are saved from having to find a place to put their belongings. In addition to clothes, it is possible to store shoes, bags, work clothes, uniforms, personal cleaning and sports equipment in the closets equipped with a ventilation system. In this way, relief from constant transportation is achieved.

What are the Features of Ventilated Lockers?

The features of the ventilated lockers produced by Orçelik are remarkable and distinctive. There are also different types designed depending on the area of use. The general features of ventilated lockers named Orçelik are as follows; They are produced with ventilation grilles to ensure that items are not damaged in a closed environment. 4-person and 2-person models are produced by Orçelik. They are produced using 0.7 mm thick sheet metal. They are prepared by using electrostatic paint in powder form on the sheets. The cabinets are offered for sale with a 2-year warranty. The legs of the cabinets made of sheet metal are preferred as plastic material. Cabinets have label sections and hangers. This ensures that the items are placed in an orderly manner. The cabinets produced by our company that have these features have color options such as sky blue, light gray and dove blue. These colors can be ordered by choosing the one that suits the area of use.

Where is a Ventilated Locker Used?

Locker cabinets designed with ventilation grilles have a wide usage area. These cabinets, which are preferred to safely protect your belongings, are mainly used in the following areas; Factories, gyms, workplaces, swimming pools and schools. In these areas, cabinets must be ordered in quantities appropriate to the number of people who will use the cabinets.

Can a Ventilated Locker Be Locked?

Ventilated lockers offered for sale by Orçelik have a locking system. In this way, after the items are placed, they are locked and the items remain in the cabinet for a certain period of time. When people finish work or start working, they take their personal belongings by unlocking them. Two different locking systems are specified in ventilated cabinets. These are padlock system and key lock system. Which system will be in the cabinet is determined by the people.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Ventilated Locker?

There are situations that people who are considering using ventilated lockers in schools, factories and other workplaces should be careful when choosing a locker. The first of these is to make sure that the cabinet is made of quality materials. Care should be taken to ensure that they are durable and guaranteed products. In addition, the load that the cabinet will carry should be learned and it should be checked whether the items to be placed are suitable for its load. Apart from these, information should be obtained about the ventilation system of the lockers and efficient use should be ensured. When choosing a ventilated locker, usage characteristics should be taken into consideration. Cabinets that open and close easily and have a locking system are among the cabinets that people can use easily.