In office environments, sturdy and secure cabinets are needed to keep official documents regularly. Sturdy cabinets are required to store documents in the archive according to a certain order. Archive file cabinets must have features that will protect documents against fire, water and various external factors.

While creating a secure archive system, the system used must also save space. It is important to keep as many documents as possible, securely and easily accessible, in areas used as archives. Archive cabinets should have features that will ensure this.

Archive Cabinet Types

Archive cabinets can offer the best solutions for narrow spaces. Archive cabinet types prepared with special designs are suitable for business structures in every sector. Every business and institution must keep their official documents for a certain period of time. Institutions and businesses that create an archive system are more successful in their sectors. Archive cabinet types specially designed according to the structure of archive rooms are as follows:

Single compact archive cabinet system,

Double compact archive cabinet systems,

Triple compact archive cabinet systems,

Quadruple compact archive cabinet systems,

Compact archive cabinet systems with wooden panels,

Archive cabinet types are installed on a rail system, and their number can be increased depending on the document density of the enterprise and the size of the archive room.

Why Are Archive Cabinets Necessary?

An archive is created to preserve records of past work. Archive cabinets are needed to preserve documents and to easily access the desired documents when necessary.

Compact archive systems built on rail systems are very functional and more protected. Businesses and institutions are obliged to keep some documents in the archives, that is, in protected archive cabinets, for a certain period of time in order to protect various legal rights, based on the studies carried out in the past.

Archive Cabinet Features

To answer the question of what archive cabinets should be like, it is necessary to have information about the cabinet features and purposes of use. Compact archiving systems are needed to best preserve information and document types. Archive cabinets should be ergonomic and functional. It should be able to move forward and backward on the rail system, and the movement arm should be easy to use. When it comes to cabinet features, attention should be paid to its steel structure and ability to be easily interlocked. Its most important features are that it should be compatible with the dimensions of the work area and archive room and that it is designed to enable better use of narrow spaces.

Usage Areas of Archive Cabinets

The usage areas of compact archive cabinet systems are very wide. It can be used in all sectors that need to store private and official documents.

  • tax offices,
  • land registry offices,
  • civil registry offices,
  • Security units,
  • notaries,
  • courthouses,
  • hospitals,
  • Banks,
  • accounting offices,
  • law offices,

All sectors and business types can easily be considered for the usage areas of archive cabinets.

Railed Archive Cabinets

Archive cabinets can be produced in different sizes and models. When you want to create better solutions for narrow spaces, railed archive cabinets are preferred.

While rail archive cabinets save space, they also enable the archiving system to be made easier and the documents in the cabinets to be stored in a more protected environment. Locking systems developed for rail cabinets prevent unauthorized persons from accessing documents in the archive and ensure that security measures are taken.

Archive Cabinets Production

Innovative designs and technologies are used for archive cabinet models. Production of archive cabinets that ensure document security and preservation is attempted to be made with zero errors in order to be more ergonomic and functional. 3D visual studies are carried out with computer systems and the production phase begins according to the resulting design. Steel raw materials are used to make the cabinets durable. The production stages are completed by painting with electrostatic powder paint to make it long-lasting and safe.