In work and living spaces, cabinet systems are needed to keep various materials safe and organized. A supply cabinet is one of the most important needs of workplaces.

Appropriate material cabinets should be selected for both decoration and creation of a certain order. When asking where material cabinets are used, home and all kinds of workplaces can be given as examples. Material cabinets, which have different model options, are produced using multifunctional and durable materials.

Material Cabinet Types

Many different designs can be used for material cabinets. Since the sizes and features of the cabinets can be different, there can be a lot of diversification. Some of the types of material cabinets produced in different sizes and designs according to customer needs are as follows:

  • Two-door material cabinet,
  • Chemical material cabinet,
  • Sliding door material cabinet,
  • Sliding plexi door material cabinet,
  • Tool cabinet with drawers and hanging panels,
  • Operator cabinet,
  • Cleaning cabinet,

Many different models can be developed and produced according to the needs of the place of use. You can choose material cabinet types according to size, material structure and other features.

Material Cabinet Features

The features of the material cabinets may be different in each model. The intended use of cabinets also changes the properties of the materials that make up the structure of the cabinet. In general, cabinet doors can be opened 180 degrees and a shelving system can be created according to need. In order to be safe where it is used, foot systems adjusted to the floor are used.

It is painted with electrostatic powder paint to increase its reliability. Shelf systems have the ability to carry high weight. The thickness of the sheet metal products used in the cabinet structure is 0.9 mm and a 2-year warranty is given for all models. All features of the cabinet models are shown in the description section.

Material Cabinet Usage Areas

Material cabinets are needed to keep various materials organized in public living spaces and all kinds of workplaces. The following examples can be given for the usage areas of material cabinets with different model options:

  • Offices,
  • Large and small workplaces,
  • Laboratories,
  • Classes,
  • Houses,

Offices where various services are provided,

When you choose the models of material cabinets, which have features that can be used anywhere, according to their intended use, you can easily use them wherever you want. When the model is selected according to the characteristics of the place of use, you can create the decoration as you wish while preserving the materials.

Durable Material Cabinet

Material cabinets are used in many workplaces and areas where people live together to prevent mess. In some places, more than one person may have to keep their materials in a cabinet. It is important that cabinets for multiple use areas are made of durable materials. Especially in places such as schools and dormitories, more than one person uses a single locker. Steel materials are used to make the cabinets long-lasting and durable.

Material Cabinet Product Descriptions

While doing your research on material cabinets, you should examine in detail the product descriptions of the model you will choose from the product category. The product description section includes information such as material properties used in the construction of the cabinet, technical specifications, size and warranty. When you open the option product page of the cabinet model, you will see the description section showing all the features.

Steel Material Cabinet

Different materials such as steel, wood and plexiglass can be used in material cabinet models. In order for the cabinets to be long-lasting and durable, cabinets made of steel materials are preferred. Steel materials do not rust and provide good protection against external factors such as dust and water. While it protects the materials to be placed inside in the best way, it does not occur in situations such as cracking or breaking when exposed to external factors. You can use steel material cabinets for a long time. All cabinet models are produced in special sizes according to customer needs and demands.