Orçelik’s “Quality Policy” reflects the high standards and customer-oriented approach adopted by our company in the production of metal office furniture, steel shelves, cabinets and archiving systems. It details Orçelik’s commitment to the quality management system, its continuous improvement efforts and its strategies to ensure competitive advantage in the industry. Orçelik attaches importance not only to product quality but also to social and environmental contribution, strictly adhering to the effective use of human resources, the continuous development of its employees and its understanding of social responsibility.

Our company serving in the Furniture Manufacturing and Sales Sector:

  • The prerequisite for achieving competitive advantage in the rapidly developing and changing Furniture Industry; Choosing the right human resource, which is at the center of all activities, providing customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations of our customers by employing them in the right place, with appropriate competencies and professionally,
  • Believing that the human factor plays a fundamental determinant role in the success of every activity and every system established, ORÇELİK OFİS MOBİLYALARI MAKİNE SAN. VE TİC. Inc. To ensure the effective and efficient use of human resources in line with its mission, vision and goals,
  • To provide a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment where individual and corporate values ​​are shared, – To improve the knowledge, skills and behaviors of the employees and to ensure the continuous development of the employees,
  • Keeping the organizational structure always dynamic and ready for change in line with the company’s strategic plan and goals,
  • Developing suggestions, programs and practices that can meet the economic, social and psychological needs of employees,
  • To carry out and implement social activities that increase the happiness of our employees in their individual and family life so that business and private life can interact constructively,
  • To make the living standard of the employees sustainable and to carry out studies to increase the quality of life,
  • Developing and implementing social and environmental policies, contributing to social benefit by supporting the social, cultural and educational activities of employees,
  • Our Quality Policy is to comply with the conditions of the quality management system and to continuously improve it.