Why Should You Choose Orçelik Bookcases and Library Systems?

Information is an indispensable resource for societies, and the necessity of storing this information in an orderly, accessible and protected manner reveals the importance of library systems. Orçelik produces solutions for both individual and corporate needs with the library systems it offers in this field. So, what are the reasons to choose Orçelik bookshelves and library systems?

First of all, Orçelik library systems allow the orderly and systematic placement of materials such as books, magazines and files in workplaces, schools, libraries and many other areas. These systems, which attract attention especially with their robust, durable, stylish and functional models, provide great convenience to their users. Library systems can also be established in workplaces to organize documents, files and books, or to enable staff to research and read comfortably.

Orçelik library systems organize books by dividing them into certain characteristics and categories. In this way, users can quickly and easily access the book they are looking for without wasting time. In addition, since these systems are public and common areas, it is of great importance that they are robust and safe.

All parts used when producing library systems are made of quality and durable materials. This allows users to use library systems safely over long periods of time. Orçelik library systems are preferred to categorize books, files and documents systematically, sequentially and according to sections in work areas.

Among the various library systems offered by Orçelik, there are single-sided and double-sided bookcase options. For example, the “Triple Single-Sided Bookshelf” and “Double Single-Sided Bookshelf” models offer single-sided use, while the “Triple Double-Sided Bookshelf” and “Double Double-Sided Bookshelf” models allow double-sided use. The tension rods of these products are galvanized and the separators are plastic. Metal parts are produced from DKP sheet metal and painted with electrostatic powder paint. Additionally, these systems are shipped disassembled and are very easy to assemble.

Aesthetic and useful, Orçelik library systems can be easily used in workplaces and homes. The installation of library systems, which are delivered to customers disassembled, is quite simple and they are sent to buyers in the desired colors. Library systems are carefully packaged when shipped and sent with a catalog containing detailed information about their assembly. Additionally, Orçelik library systems have a two-year warranty.

Orçelik library systems, where security systems are also at the forefront, are produced from quality materials and are ideal for long-term use. These systems, which meet the needs of both individual and corporate users, offer an indispensable solution for storing information in an orderly and secure manner.

Why Did They Choose Orçelik?

Orçelik was founded in Izmir in 1979 and is a company that provides the highest employment and produces the largest production in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture sector. Orçelik, which continues production in its 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, offers reliable and high-quality options to its users in library systems and bookcase solutions with its years of experience and knowledge. Drawing attention with their robust, durable and aesthetic designs, library systems reflect Orçelik’s expertise and understanding of quality in metal and wooden products. With its wide product range and customer-oriented solutions in both individual and corporate areas, Orçelik offers users valuable and long-lasting solutions for organizing and storing information. When libraries, which are the junction of knowledge and experience, meet with the library systems expertly produced by Orçelik, the preservation and accessibility of information gain a new dimension. Orçelik continues to be a preferable brand in bookshelves and library systems with its meticulous and high-quality solutions regarding the protection and organization of information.