Werzalit and Special Production Metal Products; Durable Solutions Special for Mass Use Needs

Public use areas, especially high-traffic areas such as schools, workplaces, hotels and restaurants, need durable and long-lasting furniture solutions. Orçelik responds to this need with werzalit and specially produced metal products and offers durable and aesthetic solutions. Werzalit is an extremely durable material formed by combining natural wood fibers through chemical and pressing processes and shaped under high pressure and heat. This material is often used in the production of special products such as tables and chairs and perfectly withstands intensive use conditions.

What is Werzalit?

Werzalit is an extremely durable and long-lasting material created by pressing wood chips with synthetic resins under high pressure and temperature. This material, which is highly resistant to water, sunlight and mechanical impacts, is also easy to clean and does not require maintenance. Werzalit offers a wide range of products with different color and pattern options and is generally used in various applications such as table tops, chair backs and seats, wall panels and exterior cladding. It is especially preferred in outdoor furniture and surfaces exposed to atmospheric conditions, because the material is resistant to atmospheric conditions, provides flexibility in terms of design and can be easily shaped.

Werzalit and special products are specially designed modular, long-lasting, very durable and easy-to-carry furniture products preferred to meet accommodation and seating needs in common living areas. Students or staff in schools, and guests of all body types and weights in hotels and restaurants can easily use these products. Werzalit tables and chairs are designed to ensure the comfort of guests, to be easy to store by nesting, to be portable, not to take up space, and to be durable for a long time.

Werzalit furniture is the perfect solution for providing standard furniture designs. Since they provide this standardization at the most affordable prices, they are almost incomparable solutions for those looking for stylish and standard chair, table and furniture solutions for public areas.

Orçelik Werzalit Chairs and Tables

Werzalit and special products are very easy to install, and thanks to their durable, stylish and functional features, they are an ideal option to meet the accommodation and seating needs in common areas. The leg profiles are sturdy and first-class werzalit is used on the tables. This ensures that the products are aesthetic and functional. By choosing Werzalit special products, you can achieve a long-lasting and comfortable living space. Orçelik makes a difference in the sector with the high quality, durable, ergonomically designed furniture it offers in this field.

Double Bunk Beds for Dorms

Orçelik double bunk beds are designed especially to save space and provide accommodation for more than one person in the same area. It has a wide range of uses, from student dormitories to military barracks, from hotels to children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Orçelik’s double bunk bed products stand out with their user-friendly design, solid structure and comfort. These bunk beds are manufactured from steel profiles and sheet metal, ensuring durability and longevity. The 86 cm distance between the beds provides users with sufficient space and comfort. Bunk beds coated with high quality electrostatic powder paint have an aesthetic appearance and also help protect the surfaces against rust and corrosion. Additionally, with the ability to add stairs, climbing to the upper floor is very easy and safe. The 190 cm bed width offers users a wide and comfortable sleeping area. Orçelik continues to gain the appreciation of users with the quality and durable solutions it offers for public areas.

Keep Your Imagination High in Different Werzalit and Special Production Furniture Solutions with Orçelik Design Team

Orçelik not only offers standard products in werzalit furniture production, but also develops flexible solutions to meet the special and unique needs of its customers. It has the ability to create products in different designs, colors and sizes upon request. Customers can submit special designs that will fill their spaces in the most appropriate way, in line with their own tastes and needs, and Orçelik’s expert team carries out meticulous work in bringing these designs to life. By combining the solid, durable and aesthetic properties of werzalit material with the imagination of its customers, the company produces products that are not only functional but also visually attractive. Thus, Orçelik ensures that each customer, whether a workplace or an educational institution, has access to customized furniture solutions that suit their specific needs and aesthetic understanding.

Why Did They Choose Us for Their Werzalit and Special Production Furniture Needs?

Orçelik, as a brand that has been a leader in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture industry since 1979, providing the highest employment and realizing the largest production, is more than just a manufacturer, it is a partner that adds value to its customers. In our 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, each werzalit and special design furniture product is produced carefully and meticulously for you. As Orçelik, our broad and comprehensive production capacity and our deep-rooted position in the sector are made felt by our valued customers in every detail, every combination, and every material of our werzalit and specially designed furniture products. With our large showroom, we give you the opportunity to examine and evaluate our products closely, allowing you to get detailed information about the products you will buy. Orçelik is not just a brand, but also your durable, reliable and aesthetic solution partner in your workplace. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from the superior quality and durability offered by Orçelik in your workplaces and common areas and add value to your spaces? Contact us and let us solve your furniture needs for public areas with our products of the highest quality and at the most affordable prices.