Orçelik Tool Cabinets

Tool cabinets are indispensable tools for maintaining order, storing tools safely and optimizing workflow in workplaces, workshops, laboratories and many other areas. Orçelik understands the needs in this field and offers its users a wide range of tool cabinets.

Where are Orçelik Tool Cabinets Used?

Orçelik tool cabinets are preferred in many different sectors and fields, thanks to their wide usage areas and functional designs. In particular, various businesses and institutions such as production facilities, workshops, laboratories, schools, hospitals and offices use these cabinets effectively. Orçelik tool cabinets offer an ideal solution for orderly and safe storage of tools, equipment and Tools in production facilities and workshops. Especially in laboratories where chemicals and hazardous Tools must be stored safely, Orçelik’s chemical cabinets provide maximum safety and protection to their users. In schools, lockers allow students and teachers to safely store their personal belongings and school supplies, and also contribute to the creation of a tidy and organized environment. In hospitals, Orçelik tool cabinets are preferred for hygienic and safe storage of medical supplies, medicines and personal belongings. In offices, it provides an ideal solution for storing documents, files and office supplies in an orderly manner and for employees to keep their personal belongings safely. In short, Orçelik tool cabinets increase efficiency and security in many different areas with the order, protection and ease of use they provide.

Highlights of Orçelik Tool Cabinets

Orçelik tool cabinets stand out in the industry with their durability, diversity, security and user-friendly design. It is suitable for use in all areas with its wide range of products for different needs. Whether in laboratories, workshops or offices, Orçelik tool cabinets help you organize your work, store your Tools safely and optimize your workflow. Orçelik is not only a cabinet manufacturer, but also a solution partner that helps you do your work more efficiently and orderly. So, what makes Orçelik tool cabinets so special and preferred?

Durability and Reliability

Orçelik tool cabinets set standards in durability and reliability. Cabinets produced with 0.9 mm sheet thickness and high quality electrostatic powder paint offer a long-lasting and durable structure. In addition, these cabinets, supported by a 2-year warranty, give confidence to their users and protect their investments.

Diversity and Flexibility

Orçelik offers various Tool cabinets to meet different needs and expectations. Our product range includes solutions suitable for every area and need, with sliding covers, plexiglass covers, different sizes and more. For example, you can achieve both an aesthetic appearance and functionality with the “Tool Cabinet with Sliding Plexi Door”. At the same time, the “Chemical Tool Cabinet” offers an ideal solution for the safe storage of chemicals.


Orçelik prioritizes safety in tool cabinets. With their recessed handle covers, cylindrical safety locks and solid structure, the cabinets protect the Tools stored inside. Especially in workplaces and workshops, safe storage of Tools is of great importance and Orçelik provides full support to its users in this regard.

User-Friendly Design

Orçelik tool cabinets stand out with their user-friendly designs. M12 screw wedges that can be adjusted according to the floor make users’ work easier with their adjustable shelves and ergonomic designs. In addition, the cabinets have a very stylish and modern appearance in terms of aesthetics.

Fire Resistance and Safe Storage

Fire is one of the most dangerous and damaging events that can occur in workplaces and storage areas. In order to minimize this risk and offer a safer storage solution to its users, Orçelik designs its tool cabinets with fire-resistant features. Especially in areas where chemicals and sensitive equipment are stored, fire-resistant cabinets provide extra time in the event of a possible fire, helping emergency teams respond to the incident and protect valuable items.

Orçelik tool cabinets, thanks to their solid structure and quality materials used, ensure that the Tools inside are protected for a while during a fire. This is especially important for storing critical and valuable equipment, documents, materials and tools. In addition, Orçelik’s chemical cabinets ensure the safe storage of chemicals and other hazardous materials, reducing the risk in the event of a possible fire and creating a safer working environment.

For more detailed information about how long Orçelik tool cabinets provide protection against fire and their specific fire resistance features, you can contact Orçelik directly.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Orçelik Tool cabinets have superior quality and innovation compared to many other brands in the industry. The company takes user needs and expectations into consideration when designing and producing its products, which ensures that its products stand out in terms of ease of use and functionality. Orçelik constantly makes innovations and improvements, especially in terms of Tool quality, workmanship, design and technology used. This ensures that their products meet not only today’s needs but also future expectations. The 2-year warranty offered by Orçelik shows its confidence in its products and the value it gives to its users.

Customer-Focused Approach and Wide Product Range

Orçelik adopts a customer-oriented approach, which distinguishes it from other brands. The company takes into account the feedback of its customers and constantly updates and improves its products in the light of this information. This allows Orçelik tool cabinets to more effectively solve problems and challenges that users encounter in real-world conditions. Additionally, Orçelik offers a wide range of products. With tool cabinets in different sizes, different features and for different usage areas, Orçelik offers solutions that meet all kinds of needs and expectations. This allows users to find the product that best suits their needs and run their business more efficiently.

Why Did They Prefer Orçelik and Orçelik Tool Cabinets?

Orçelik is known as a brand that provides the highest employment and realizes the largest production in the metal and wooden office furniture industry, especially in the Aegean Region, since 1979. Orçelik, which continues its production in a factory of 16,000 square meters in total, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, as well as a large showroom of 1,500 square meters, in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, stands out with its experience in the sector, production capacity and quality standards. When choosing Orçelik Tool cabinets, customers consider the company’s years of experience, production capacity and the quality of its products. The wide product range offered by Orçelik offers solutions suitable for all needs and expectations. It allows users to find the most suitable products for the specific needs of their business. Orçelik is more than just a manufacturer, it is a reliable and permanent business partner for its customers.