Orçelik Shelf Systems; Modular and Durable Products of Storage Areas

Order and efficiency in workplaces, factories and offices are among the factors that directly affect the quality of the working environment. In this sense, Orçelik offers storage and organization solutions with shelving systems designed to provide the order and system needed by businesses. Shelving systems are known for their durability, long-lasting use and functionality. These systems, which allow the systematic and orderly placement of materials that need to be used continuously or momentarily, contribute to the personnel carrying out their work more efficiently and quickly. Shelving systems can be produced in different sizes and dimensions depending on the area where they will be used, and special shelving systems can even be designed to suit the area. Metal shelving systems are known for their durability and are suitable for long-term use in offices. Open shelving systems allow you to quickly access the desired items and can be easily arranged at certain intervals.

Orçelik Shelf Systems; Uncompromising Standards

The most important feature that distinguishes Orçelik shelving systems from their counterparts is their production at uncompromising standards. Naturally, you want the next product you buy to be as durable and of unchanging material quality as the previous product. The biggest use problem in steel shelving systems is the inability to ensure that each batch of products meets the previous production standard. Even if you buy a few items of a product, you don’t want to see the next product rusting or the shelves warping a few months later. Even so, this is just a cost issue for a few products. However, if you have ordered and received dozens of shelving systems that do not comply with standards and are of poor quality, this is an investment that will bring disaster for your factory or workplace. While producing Orçelik shelving systems, we inspect every metal material and production phase at every stage. Our standards are not just certificates on paper.

Other Superior Features of Orçelik Shelving Systems

Another important advantage of Orçelik shelving systems is that they are easy to clean and do not contain substances that may harm users. Shelving systems, which prioritize user satisfaction with their easy assembly, solid and balanced structures, also attract attention with their high carrying capacity. These systems, which have the potential to carry up to 120 kg per shelf, stand out with their durability. Electrostatic painting protects the product against rust and corrosion, as well as protects the product against scratches for many years. The sheet thickness used in shelving systems is generally 0.7 mm and 1 mm. In both cases, the products easily provide the promised load carrying capacity because reinforced sheet metal is used.

Usage Areas of Orçelik Shelf Systems

Shelving systems are used in various areas such as workplaces, offices and factories. Textile, public areas, places that produce and sell electronic goods prefer shelving systems to display or organize their products. The high carrying capacity allows shelving systems to appeal to every sector. They are made of metal and durable materials and are suitable for long-term use. With these features, Orçelik offers modular and durable solutions to the storage and organization needs of businesses.

Why Did They Prefer Orçelik Shelving Systems?

As a brand that provides the highest employment and produces the largest production in the Aegean Region in the metal and wooden office furniture industry since 1979, Orçelik is not only a manufacturer, but also a partner that adds value to its customers. In our 1,500 square meter showroom and 16,000 square meter factory, 8,500 square meters of which is a closed area, located in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, each shelving system is produced for you with care and meticulousness. As Orçelik, our broad and comprehensive production capacity and our deep-rooted position in the sector are made evident to you, our valued customers, in every detail, every stitch, and every material of our shelving systems. With our large showroom, we give you the opportunity to examine and evaluate our products closely, allowing you to get detailed information about the products you will buy. Orçelik is not just a brand, but also your durable, reliable and aesthetic solution partner in your workplace. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from the superior quality and durability offered by Orçelik in your workplaces and common areas and add value to your spaces? Contact us.