In recent years, home-offices, or home-offices in Turkish, as everyone is familiar with in today’s world, have become indispensable in our working lives. Now home offices are starting to have their own styles and fashions. No matter how personal home offices are, furniture fashion is contagious. And organizing your own workspace, from truly elaborate to sleek and simple, a dedicated space can skyrocket your productivity, inspiration, and focus.

Whether you’re working remotely full-time or just want a more aesthetically pleasing space, we’re revealing the secrets of home office closets to get you inspired. Read on to uncover amazing home office ideas, get advice on buying walk-in closets, and learn how to set up a small home office!

Small Home Office Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Small Home Office with Private Desk

In most traditional homes, a dedicated office space tends to be an afterthought, leaving you with less than ideal square footage. If you’re wondering how to set up a small office, try one of these tips!

Choose light color office cabinets

The number one small home office idea is to use a light, bright color for your cabinets. Tones such as white, light gray or pale pastel help the room feel larger and stay spacious.

Choose the Right Office Furniture

Bulky furniture leads to a cluttered mind. Therefore, stylish and compact cabinets are one of the best small home office ideas that can be implemented. Custom walk-in closets for offices are a great solution for maximizing space of any size!

Choose the Right Office Chair

The right office cabinets should have an office chair that has perfect ergonomics as well as a suitable desk and can carry you for long working hours. Even though they have different functions, make sure that the materials used are of high quality. After a few months, an office chair that makes terrible noises every time you sit or lean back can ruin your entire work concentration. If ergonomics are bad, back pain is inevitable.

Choose a Room with Good Natural Light

As with any room in the house, letting natural light in really opens up the interior, making it feel larger and allowing you to enjoy your time there more.

Choosing the best small home office idea to implement comes down to your personal style, budget, and space.

Most Popular Types of Storage and Archive Office Cabinets

No matter how large or small your home office space is, there is the perfect storage office cabinet for you! Although storage office cabinets don’t follow one standard design, check out a few timeless styles we love. Try one of these popular home office storage ideas in your room…

Vertical Metal Cabinets with Drawers

Talk about making the most of a small room! Vertical cabinets are one of the most space-saving home office storage ideas ever. Tall and stylish cabinets are perfect for filing folders, storing supplies or displaying decor pieces – plus they look great too!

Custom Built-in Cabinets for Office

Sometimes designing from scratch is the best home office storage idea! While it may be more expensive initially, the comfort and style you’ll enjoy for years to come are truly priceless. Talk to our cabinet designers today to get a free quote for your home!

Lateral Storage Office Cabinets

Lateral storage office cabinets are versatile enough to serve as a coffee station, opaque filing, or even a workstation. Pro tip; If you plan to store sensitive documents, look for a side cabinet with locking doors.

Some Basic Points to Consider When Choosing Metal Cabinets for Home-Office:

Determine Your Purpose Correctly

Determining the purpose for which the cabinet will be used can make your choice easier. For example; such as archiving, equipment storage, storing your personal belongings. Focus on those cabinets that are closer to your purpose.


Take the measurements of the area where the cabinet will be placed. It is important that the cabinet you purchase fits into that space and does not restrict your movement area.


If you plan to store valuable or private documents, you can choose a locked metal cabinet.

Number of Shelves and Compartments

Pay attention to how many shelves or compartments there are in the closet and whether these shelves are adjustable.

Material Quality

The quality of the metal cabinet determines its durability and longevity. Cabinets made of thick and high-quality metal will be more durable.

Surface Treatment

Metal cabinets often have a protective painting or coating on them. This helps prevent the cabinet from rusting. A cabinet made of stainless steel may also be preferred.


It is also important to choose an aesthetically pleasing design for home office use. Make sure that the cabinet is compatible with the overall decoration.


If you are likely to change the location of your office frequently, you can choose a metal cabinet model with wheels.


Some metal cabinets come disassembled and require assembly. Choose a model that is easy to assemble and user-friendly, or consider getting an assembly service.


Determine your budget and try to choose the cabinet that best suits your needs within the budget.

Warranty and Service

Check whether you can receive service for the product’s warranty period and beyond.

Of course, you can get more detailed information about the product by reading user comments and evaluations about the metal cabinet you are considering purchasing. Orçelik is the choice of thousands of offices today with its functional and aesthetic metal cabinets. We have very good comments to choose this quality in your home.