Our company, orçelik.com, with a corporate identity, was put into service in the Izmir region in 1979. Our business has years of experience. Therefore, we ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Quality services and customer satisfaction come first in our company. For this reason, our furniture production company is in a leading position in its sector. Our company leads the industry in steel and office furniture. Therefore, do not confuse our business with ordinary furniture and office supplies manufacturers.

We Provide Customer Satisfaction

Our company always provides customer satisfaction thanks to its professional services. For this reason, we are much different from ordinary furniture and office product manufacturers. Our company is widely preferred in Türkiye and abroad. That’s why we have a wide customer traffic.

We provide high employment through the Aegean Region. For this reason, our company is the highest quality and reliable furniture and office supplies production company of the future. We provide services over a huge area. For this reason, we are the company that produces the largest furniture and office supplies in the Aegean Region.

about us

We also provide detailed information about us to our valued customers on our corporate website. Our company is located in ITOP Organized Industrial Zone. We are located in a huge area of 1500 square meters in total. We have a total closed area of 8 thousand 500 square meters. We produce various furniture and office supplies on a huge area of 16 thousand square meters in total.

What are the differences of our company?

Our company is the most professional furniture and office equipment manufacturer in the sector. Thanks to our large service vehicle fleet, we always receive full marks from our customers. In this way, our business gives confidence. We offer up-to-date references to our millions of active customers through our corporate website. Because our company has been followed from 81 provinces since its establishment.

Today, we are followed intensively through various social media channels. For this reason, among the factors that make our business outstanding is having social media followers. Our company also sends various furniture and office equipment it produces abroad. In this way, we meet the modern furniture and office equipment needs of foreign companies and consumers in just 7 days.

What Services Does Our Company Offer?

Our company has been producing furniture and various office supplies since its establishment. For this reason, we are among the most respected companies in Turkey. Our business has extensive service catalogues. As Furniture Industry and Joint Stock Companies, we offer our services professionally. Our company is the most established and respected furniture manufacturer in the sector. As of today, we have thousands of active, fully equipped staff providing services. We also provide 24/7 online customer support services to our customers through our corporate website. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive detailed information about our activities.

Why is our company preferred?

Our company is preferred for many reasons. Our company’s customer satisfaction ensures that it is widely preferred in the industry. Our company produces the highest quality furniture and office supplies. Moreover, it has the most comfortable production stages. Our company offers all the furniture and office accessories it produces for sale at the most affordable price lists. Thus, we ensure that you, our valued customers, remain economically advantageous. To take a closer look at our factory, simply visit our corporate website.