Solid and durable office furniture brings confidence to the user and elegance to the office. We offer our high quality office furniture in our production line. We continue our production with features that can meet all the needs of valued users. Office furniture, which is found as a decorative solution in its area, gives confidence to the user with its ergonomic structure.

What is Sturdy and Durable Office Furniture?

There are many types of products within the scope of office furniture. As a manufacturer, we continue on our way with the user experience and confidence it provides. The first requirement for our products is to produce solid and durable multifunctional office furniture. Our products include environmentally friendly, impact-resistant, comprehensive cabinets, tables and chairs. Office furniture also includes desks, office chairs, archive cabinets, bookcases, caissons and shelves. Among the basic furniture groups, solid and durable office furniture can be chosen, from executive chairs to business furniture, depending on the business status and user needs. An order can be placed for the selected products and they can be delivered to your address with the assurance of the company. As Orçelik, we aim to save space with our multifunctional office systems in our production line. We offer specially designed cabinets as stylish decoration products to ensure office order. Although digital systems begin to develop and their usage areas begin to expand, the traditional order continues. There is always a need for archive cabinets, bookcases and multi-purpose organizers.

Where Are Archive Cabinets Used?

Archive cabinets are comprehensive furniture systems. It is generally produced as a shelving system. Depending on the user’s needs, it may also have sections with lids or even locks. Archive cabinets used for storage purposes can be shaped according to user needs. By being produced predominantly from metal, long-lasting order and document assurance can be ensured. We produce top quality products using the latest technologies in our production systems. Office furniture is selected in appropriate sizes for the area it is located in, thus saving space. Office/archive cabinets can be chosen to suit any location, from the smallest to the largest space. The usage areas of the archive cabinet are as follows;


State archives offices,


Private/corporate companies,



It can be used safely in the homes of archive enthusiasts.

The cabinets used as an element of elegance and elegance are offered with electrostatic paint. We have different privileged cabinet solutions with shelves, drawers, lock systems and more to suit every taste. Our cabinets add decorative elegance to the environment and give confidence to the user. As the easiest solution product, we offer our office furniture with durable, long-lasting and recyclable features.

Orçelik Difference in Office Furniture

The solution systems in the office furniture group are known as cabinets with shelves. However, as a manufacturer, we produce innovations with developing technologies every day. Our compact archive systems and specially designed card index cabinets reflect our difference. Those who need solid and durable office furniture can order it safely online. In this way, you can have high quality cabinet systems at affordable prices. Developed by professional designers, our cabinets are made of solid metal. Card index cabinet systems are offered by us as closed, deep drawers. It can be purchased with company assurance and warranty by choosing according to your needs. Orçelik continues on its way with its long years of industry experience and production quality. As the address of quality and trust in office furniture, we offer top quality products at low prices. Its users can enjoy the comfort of office layout and design privilege for many years.