Orçelik was founded by Kerim Gün Tokatlıoğlu and is in the sector as a Metal/Wooden furniture manufacturer. It has been proving its difference with its product and production quality in the Aegean region since 1979. It continues on its way as a pioneer of the sector in Technology and Innovation. By integrating traditional technologies with current ones, it offers high quality production to the user. We have been gaining customer satisfaction with our high quality production and technology systems for many years.

What is Technology and Innovation?

Technology and innovation can be expressed as improved product presentation to the consumer. We are Orçelik Ofis Mobilyaları Makine San. And Trade. We continue our production with the trust we receive from the target audience of A.Ş. We express our ability to use technology products and human resources at the best level as proof of our difference. We continue our commercial activities as a manufacturer and supplier with increased performance and product quality. By improving our production quality day by day, we work uncompromisingly on occupational safety. We move forward with the right team, safe production approach, with the belief that the human factor is more important than anything else. We proudly continue our commercial journey, which we started in 1979 in a small rented shop. At this point, we continue our production in a 16,000 square meter factory in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone. All our products can be seen physically in our 1500 square meter showroom. We have also integrated our traditional methods into the e-commerce system. Through this channel, we offer our high quality products with the assurance of Orçelik.

Orçelik Values

We believe that our Orçelik future vision will be achieved through employee happiness. All products we manufacture and sell are offered as long-lasting and environmentally friendly. What stands out in our service quality is;

Not compromising work and worker safety,

To increase productivity by contributing to the family and individual happiness of our employees,

Compliance of product and production quality with standards,

Peaceful and safe working environment,

Supplying the right message and product to the target audience,

Ensuring that the human factor is employed in the right place and safely,

To keep our change and development dynamics open to progress,

We have uncompromising working policy values in quality standards. As in everything, our production quality and products are our brand assurance. Product supply can be made by contacting us indefinitely.

Our Mission

We have been operating in the sector for many years and improving our material and moral assets. Our commercial journey, which started in 1979, continues with our production quality and our factory, which is the best in the industry. We won our DMO tender, which we consider our first commercial success, in 1995.

We started our first export in our overseas activities by sending 1000 file cabinets to Belgium in 1996. In the 2000s, we installed compact systems in military branches and increased demand with our product quality. Our date of inclusion in the DMO catalog is recorded as 2006. Our wood production started in 2007. In 2008, we continued on our way as a wooden brand.

Our vision

As Orçelik, we are proud to move forward with confidence in the future. We have the peace of mind of being a world brand with our production and product quality. We move forward with the belief that socio-economic conditions and human quality will be the determining factors in the future. Our future vision is to take care of the happiness of our employees, individually and economically. We adapt technology to tradition in the best possible way and have a presence in physical and online trading systems. We aim to eliminate commercial borders as a world brand by developing our own assets in a universal field. We believe that the way to reach the target audience is to develop the right technology with human resources.