File cabinets are office furniture used to store paper documents and important files in a file folder. File cabinets, which are among the most used office products by companies, are one of the items that every institution and every company needs in commercial life. It is aimed to keep the documents and documents kept in these cabinets safely and properly.

About Orçelik Company’s File Cabinets

File cabinets designed by Orçelik are created through a flawless construction process that combines functionality, security and style. File cabinets, where document storage areas are organized by office managers and their decoration ability is highlighted, are produced to adapt to completely different office environments and styles.

Orçelik, which has an ideal file cabinet for all kinds of work areas, makes its file cabinets made entirely of durable materials even more durable by using effective locking systems.

Designed with high-level protection options for sensitive documents and valuable assets, these cabinets are produced in various sizes, colors and coatings.

Orçelik File Cabinets for Different Workplaces

Orçelik company, which has a wide range of appeal to all sectors of all sizes, develops solutions for storing documents for a wide variety of workplaces regarding file cabinets.

Filing cabinets, which can adapt to every working environment and can be used by healthcare companies, law firms, educational institutions, government offices, financial institutions and many other creative agencies, are designed to meet the demands of all these institutions.

In addition to its advanced security features, it is among the ideal choices for offices to protect sensitive documents and facilitate workflow with its robust structure and incredible organizational power.

File Cabinets Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of filing cabinets, which are preferred by offices and many institutions, are as follows;

Espagnolette has a lock system.

Shelf spacing can be adjusted as desired.

It is painted with high quality electrostatic powder paint.

The shelves are manufactured with a load carrying capacity of 50 kg.

The doors have hidden hinges and a chrome-plated mortise lock.

Sheet thickness is calculated as 0.8 mm.

Filing cabinets, which have a 2-year warranty, are furniture with a long service life.

Considering their technical features, filing cabinets, which are among the most used furniture in office environments, are also very successful in maintaining order and eliminating crowding.

File Cabinet Types

The types of file cabinets produced by our company are as follows;

File Cabinet with Two Sliding Doors

Two Door File Cabinet

File Cabinet with Two Sliding Plexi Doors

File Cabinet with Two Plexi Doors

Half Door Filing Cabinet

File cabinets, whose width and length can vary according to their mold and shape, can also be designed and prepared according to the wishes of the customers.

File Cabinet Production

File cabinets produced entirely from metal DKP sheet materials; It consists of a system that allows you to place folders, files and documents. It has the feature of storing a lot of files thanks to the shelves inside. These filing cabinets, which used to be common only in offices, have recently become very common in homes as well.

File cabinets, which are also used at home to store important documents and items, are generally painted with electrostatic powder paint. Differences in the compartments where the lock mechanism is located can be added according to the customers’ requests, depending on the companies that produce these file cabinets.

Filing Cabinet by Production Materials

Filing cabinets are divided into two according to their production materials;

File Cabinet Made of Metal Material

File Cabinet Made of Wooden Material

While file cabinets made of metal materials protect files and documents better from various factors, file cabinets made of wooden materials are among the items that can be decorated very differently in terms of aesthetics.