Cabinets that can be used to store items safely are called safety cabinets. These cabinets are designed to be locked, and after the items are placed, they are locked and the keys are kept by the owners. They are especially preferred in shopping malls and work areas to store items that cannot be carried on the side.

Safety cabinets for storing belongings are produced using sheet metal. They are produced in different number of compartments or sizes depending on the width and needs of the usage area. These are 5-chamber, 10-chamber, 15-chamber, 20-chamber and 30-chamber safety cabinets. They are produced in their widest width depending on the area to be used. Since they are manufactured with a durable structure, they are suitable for use for many years. They can be used safely because they have a pad and key locking system.

What are the Usage Areas of Safety Lockers?

Safety lockers that people can use to store their belongings should be preferred in areas suitable for use. In this way, it is possible to meet the need easily. The usage areas of safety deposit boxes are as follows;

  • Shopping malls
  • hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Businesses
  • Swimming Pools

In these areas, items are stored in safety deposit boxes for short periods of time. In this way, carrying items that will become a burden during a trip or work is prevented.

Use of Safe Deposit Lockers in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are the places where safe deposit boxes are used the most. Transporting items purchased from stores in huge shopping malls becomes difficult after a while. At this stage, the tour can be completed easily by placing shopping bags in the safety deposit boxes. There are no security problems by obtaining the key to the cabinet where the bags are stored. At the end of shopping, items can be taken from the closet in a short time.

Use of Safety Lockers in Hospitals

One of the places where safety lockers can be used is hospitals. People who go to the hospital due to illnesses have to spend hours in the hospital. They have to rush for analysis and other procedures. In this case, they can move easily by leaving their belongings such as jackets, coats or bags in the closet.

Apart from those who come to visit the hospital, it is also possible for people working in hospitals to use safety deposit boxes. People who have to wear hospital gowns or clothes keep their other clothes in these cabinets. This way, they can change their clothes at the end of their shift and leave their uniforms in the lockers.

Use of Safety Lockers in Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are one of the most common areas where safety deposit boxes are used. Safety lockers are lifesavers for teachers and students around here. These cabinets eliminate the need to carry books, notebooks and other equipment every day. This ensures comfortable movement within the school and saves time.

Thanks to the 30-compartment and 20-compartment safety locker types, it is easy for all members of the first class to have a locker. Since it is locked, there are no problems such as loss of belongings.

Use of Safety Lockers in Gyms

It is possible to use safety lockers in gyms. People who wear their sports clothes in the lounge can put their other belongings in these lockers. It is especially convenient to have spare clothes in the closets when you need to take a bath after exercise. People who come to the gym as guests or members can use these lockers without any problems during their stay in the gym. It will be enough for them not to lose the keys to the locker where their belongings are kept.

Use of Safety Lockers in Hotels

Safety lockers are products that can also be used in hotels. People who do not want to go to their hotel rooms can store their belongings using these lockers. For short-term use, they can keep their belongings in the lockers and take them out of the lockers when they go to their rooms.

It is also possible to use safety lockers prepared for hotel staff as well as guests. Since these cabinets will be used constantly, they are allocated to the individual and it is possible to store items that will remain permanent.

Use of Safety Lockers in Businesses

It is possible to use sheet metal safety deposit boxes in businesses. These cabinets are preferred for business employees or business products. They help preserve the products when in use. When used for employees, they prevent the loss of personal belongings. Since they are locked, they can be opened with the help of a key.