Many institutions and businesses heavily use documents. An excess of documents can lead to disorganization and difficulty in finding the needed papers. To prevent this, the use of card index shelving compact archive systems is observed today.

What is the Card Index Shelving Compact Archive System?

The card index system refers to products used for storing documents (such as files, papers, and folders). These products are manufactured in drawer or shelving styles. These cabinets not only store folders but also help classify them. For this purpose, label sections are prepared. By writing information about the type or content of folders in these sections, classification is done. This way, they enable any required folder to be found quickly in offices and institutions. What are the Features of the Card Index Shelving Compact Archive System? To use card index shelving compact archive systems, also known as archive cabinets, it is necessary to know their features. The most important features of these systems, which provide ease of use and save space in offices, are as follows; Card index cabinets are produced in drawer and shelving styles. In drawer-style card index cabinets, the number of drawers is typically 2, 3, 4, or 5. For more drawers, it is necessary to contact the company. Card index archive systems are produced using 0.8 mm thick steel sheet. In models using a rail system, the preferred rail system is telescopic. In models without rails, bearings are preferred. Rail card index archive systems, being drawer-style, reduce opening and closing noise thanks to the rails. Drawer sections have labels for separating folders. It is possible for the cabinets to be prepared with separators or suitable for hanging files. Card index shelving compact archive cabinets can have a 2-year warranty. The weight of the cabinets varies between 26-58 kg. To prevent loss or theft of folders, card index cabinets have a central locking system. The dimensions of width, depth, and height of card index cabinets vary depending on the number of drawers. Therefore, after deciding how many drawers the cabinet will have, its dimensions should be examined.

What are the Usage Areas of the Card Index Shelving Compact Archive System?

The use of folders and documents is seen in every sector today. However, sectors that use enough folders to create an archive can be distinguished. The card index shelving archive systems, which are preferred to prevent folder loss and ensure order, are more commonly used in the following areas; – Courthouses – Schools – Law firms – Pharmacies – Health institutions – Notaries – Tax offices – Public institutions – Offices As card index cabinets have a drawer structure, they can also be used for small-sized materials other than folders. This helps prevent the loss of small items.

What are the Color Varieties of the Card Index Shelving Compact Archive System?

The common color seen in card index drawer archive systems is light grey. To vary the color of these cabinets, it is necessary to contact the Orçelik company. The paint giving color to the cabinets is powder paint. The feature of this paint is electrostatic. This allows the cabinets to continue being used for storing folders and documents without changing color for many years.

What are the Prices of the Card Index Shelving Compact Archive System?

Card index shelving compact archive systems provide a wide storage area for documents. Additionally, due to the presence of drawer sections, they save space in terms of the area occupied by the cabinet. The prices of these cabinets, which have a wide range of use, are influenced by several factors. The first one is the number of drawers in the cabinets. An increase in the number of drawers results in more sheet and other materials used, leading to a price increase. In card index archive cabinets, the use of a rail system affects the price variation. Cabinets with telescopic rail systems offer easier use and can have a higher price compared to bearing and other models. However, the cabinets are durable and secure, making them ideal for folders and other document materials.